Test with Ablr

The Ablr team is working with various organizations to ensure that their processes are accessible and we are always looking for folks with disabilities to participate in user testing.

What will you be doing?

Selected participants will be asked to perform various tasks using the assistive technology and techniques that they use every day. We will gather feedback on that experience and relay that to the organization to help them improve their process.

Who are eligible participants?

Eligible participants will be required to have access to a computer with reliable internet, and any assistive technologies needed to navigate digital content, such as websites, PDFs, and documents. Participants will need to be able to download and install either Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom on their computer and be willing to be recorded.

How do I get started?

We are collecting names of interested people, so please fill out the form below and let us know you are interested! If we have a current project that fits your profile, we will contact you with more details.

Send us an email.

Call us: 844.304.3265

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