ADA Compliance

What you need to know in order to navigate the accessibility and disability inclusion sector.

30 years ago, George H. W. Bush signed a landmark bill, The Americans with Disability Act (ADA), that brought awareness to the ways in which people living with disabilities were excluded. Over the years, progress towards inclusion has been made, but there is still lots of work to be done. By understanding compliance on a legal and human level, we can keep building towards a future where everyone is included and additional barriers are removed.

Change starts with Education.

One of Ablr’s key values is education. We know firsthand that education leads to awareness and empathy, two cornerstones of change. We invite you to read, think, and ask questions about the information we provide here. Ablr wants to educate you about compliance and show you why we are so passionate about it.

Accessibility Docs

Accessibility Docs

The documentation that signals your compliance with anti-discrimination laws. Learn about Accessibility Docs.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Disability Dictionary

Accessibility Dictionary

The meaning behind words commonly used in accessibility and disability inclusion work. View the disability dictionary now.

ADA Timeline

ADA Timeline

Review the milestones that changed the lives of those living with a disability. View ADA Timeline now.

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