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It’s time to be inclusive. But many don’t know how. Remove the awkward barriers and recognize we all belong. With Ablr’s self-paced, online Disability Inclusion course, you can position your organization for better growth and success, and bolster your team’s confidence and interpersonal skills.

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Integrate Disability Inclusion
into the core of your organization

It’s more than just compliance – it’s about true inclusion. In the United States alone, there are 61 million adults with disabilities, and yet those individuals are often excluded from full participation in work and public life. Additionally, organizations that commit to disability inclusion have, on average, 28% higher revenue, double the net income, and 30% higher economic profit margins than their peers. If your business doesn’t have an actionable strategy for disability inclusion, you’re leaving 26% of American adults — and the potential for greater revenue – waiting at the door.

Course Features

Self-Paced & Fully Accessible

This course includes 5 modules of self-paced Disability Inclusion Training content that is fully accessible

Engaging Videos, Quizzes & Downloads

Engaging video discussions, interactive quizzes, slideshows and downloadable documents

Written by Industry Experts

Written by industry experts in the disability community for business leaders, HR professionals, and diversity and inclusion practitioners

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What Participants Say

100% of all participants said that others in their organization would benefit from taking this course.

83% of all participants said that there were actionable steps that they could immediately implement.

92% of all participants said that the course was not missing any key topics that they had previously wanted to learn about.

Who’s Training With Us?

Blue Ridge Community College
Gaston College
Piedmont Community College

Course Packages

Disability Etiquette Training

This one-module course focuses on disability etiquette in the workplace and beyond, helping to change mindsets and better educate the public on disability inclusion.

Disability Inclusion: Putting Untapped Talent to Work

An in-depth, 5-module course that focuses on creating Inclusive workplace systems and operations as well as disability etiquette.

Disability Etiquette + Unconscious Bias (DEI)

A two-module program that focuses on professional and interpersonal development by targeting unconscious biases and disability etiquette training together.

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