Digital Accessibility Consulting

Ablr provides a full range of accessibility and inclusion services. The Ablr method combines humanity (this means user testing with people who have a disability) with innovative technology for unmatched accuracy. We invite you to explore the Ablr process. Know that we are always here to speak with you further about your company’s specific needs.

Training Offerings

Accessibility 101

High-level overview of what accessibility is and why it’s important

Web Accessibility Fundamentals for Developers, Designers, and Content Creators

Guidance for designers, developers, and content creators on integral aspects of digital accessibility

Also Included

Included with the Accessibility Training, to be delivered to the client upon completion of the training:

  • Full recordings of training classes conducted for the client
  • Slide decks used in training as a reference for the teams
  • A Best Practices document as a resource

User Experience/Usability Testing

Mobile apps and websites may be designed and coded to meet accessibility standards, but they may not be usable by people with disabilities. Ablr’s Usability Testing puts your content to the test as it brings people with disabilities into the testing process. Ablr provides valuable User Experience insights by dedicating hours to users who are blind and visually impaired.

Through the use of assistive technology, e.g a screen readers, Ablr gives your team(s):

  • Valuable insight from actual users of assistive technology
  • Recommendations for improvements to the User Experience (UX) for people with disabilities
  • Recordings of the barriers assistive technology users may face while interacting with websites or mobile applications
  • Video recordings of the user experience to be used as a reference.
  • Documentation on whether participants were able to complete scenarios and whether the experience was efficient and satisfactory

Accessibility Support (Office Hours)

The Ablr team is happy to help with every step of your accessibility journey. We offer dedicated Office Hours for content developers to pose technical or design questions on accessibility or usability. We can also cover training topics, by request, during Office Hours. Either way, we look forward to speaking with you.

Disability Inclusion Program

Did you know that companies that practice disability inclusion have on average 28% higher revenue than their competitors, and are two times more likely to outperform their peers in shareholder returns (Accenture)?

Or, according to a study by the UN, that hiring people with disabilities can drastically lower employee turnover rates – in the case of one N.C. company, Carolina Fine Snacks, turnover went from 80% every six months to less than 5%.

At Ablr, we support organizations who are committed to disability inclusion. Through regular collaboration, we ensure that policies, hiring practices, facilities, employee training, and procurement are inclusive and welcoming to people with disabilities. We leverage all our services as needed to best suit the needs of the client organization.

The Program
Consists of 3 Steps

Program Development

Ablr assesses your organization’s current state of inclusivity and identifies barriers to accommodating team members with disabilities. On the basis of our assessment, we provide you with a customized program plan that details the actions needed to achieve your goal.

Program Support

Ablr helps you implement our recommendations from our program plan. Our expertise in disability inclusion ensures that you successfully adapt your workplace to the needs of coworkers with disabilities.


Ablr offers a comprehensive disability inclusion course that covers accessibility standards, ADA requirements, disability etiquette, and much more. Training ensures that your leadership at every level possesses the necessary communication skills and knowledge base to accommodate an employee or candidate with a disability.