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Home » News » Ablr Joins Nearly 150 Other Organizations as Part of VisionServe Alliance

Ablr Joins Nearly 150 Other Organizations as Part of VisionServe Alliance

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Ablr is excited to announce that they have become a member of the VisionServe Alliance, which is a consortium of roughly 150 organizations located throughout the United States, that provide services to people who are blind or have severe vision loss.

According to John Samuel, Ablr’s CEO and Co-founder, he believes there is a natural alignment between the mission of VisionServe Alliance and Ablr, and sees the value of being part of the consortium. “Because I had faced significant challenges in my own life, as a result of losing my sight, it drove me to launch Ablr, and it’s why we offer disability inclusion and accessibility services. I feel like there are a lot of great organizations, like ourselves, who are doing amazing things, but we are doing it in silos. However, if we were able to work together, we would be able to do it even more at a bigger scale, and the beneficiaries of this will be the actual people in the blind community.

VisionServe Alliance’s purpose is to facilitate executive leadership development and strategic networking leadership opportunities in order to strengthen capacity and impact in the field of blindness and low vision.

That is why John Samuel is proud to serve on VisionServe Alliance’s DEI Committee, and work with the organization, to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and cultural competency throughout their membership and the field of blindness, low vision and other visual impairment.

“Having served on other DEI committees and task forces over the past several years, I’m glad to be able to bring my experience, as part of the inaugural committee, who will be responsible for launching this critical initiative!” says Samuel.