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Ablr is a Digital Accessibility and Inclusion company that was founded on the key principle that all digital content, including websites, videos, applications, are accessible for everyone, no exception.  Ablr offers the optimal blend of technology + humanity. And it truly requires this combination in order to meet 100% compliance. Our team of analysts ensure your content and digital assets adhere to the federal requirements of ADA, Section 508 and WCAG. In addition to confirming compliance, our testers who are visually impaired can ensure your digital content is actually usable for people with disabilities – something technology alone hasn’t mastered.


Percentage of respondents in a survey of 120 global brands state that “disability inclusion is the right thing to do at a global level.”

Work Environments that Embrace the Abilities of People with Disabilities.

Since the Americans with Disabilities Act became law in 1990, most U.S. employers have been legally required to provide reasonable accommodations to employees and candidates with disabilities to ensure that they are able to participate in the application process or perform the essential tasks of their role. Despite this, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is more than double that of people without disabilities. This creates a critical pool of talent that goes underutilized.

$6.9 billion annually

Amount of money e-commerce retailers may be losing annually to their competitors with more accessible websites.

Is my website ADA & WCAG compliant?

Great question. Very few websites actually are. In fact, 92% of the most popular, federal websites are actually not fast, mobile friendly, secure, or meet adequate accessibility needs. Asking this question is an excellent first step on the road of accessibility.

I don’t even know where to start. I need to speak to an expert.

We understand. Getting started in accessibility and disability inclusion can seem overwhelming. Ablr can help you organize and solve your needs. It all starts with, Hello.

We Offer Accessibility + Disability Inclusion Solutions, Not Scare Tactics.

Many in our industry focus on the threat of litigation to emphasize the importance of accessibility + disability inclusion for business. Yes, it is very important to ensure that your company is not sued and we care about that too! But at Ablr, we do more than check boxes and lighten the load of your lawyers. We are passionate about accessibility + inclusion and want to be a positive driving force from within the community.

Our service offerings are proof of our diligence and breadth of expertise. We would love the opportunity to team up with you in any part of your accessibility + inclusion journey. Together, we can remove the barriers holding back your business and the lives of over 1 billion people living in the world today, with a disability.

Accessibility Testing

We leverage cutting-edge technology in combination with our certified solutions analysts to ensure 100% accuracy and compliance. More about Accessibility Testing.

Disability Inclusion Training

Integrate Disability Inclusion into the core of your organization with Disability Inclusion: Preparing for the Workforce of Tomorrow. View the Course Features.

Digital Accessibility Consulting

Learn about Web Accessibility Fundamentals for Developers, Designers, and Content Creators and our Disability Inclusion Program. More about Digital Accessibility Consulting.

Which Accessibility + Disability Inclusion solution
is right for my company?

Catch the latest in disability and accessibility culture.

#ADA31. Join the Ablr team in celebrating 31 years of the ADA, July 28, 12pm ET.

ADA Day Webinar

Disability Works: How to Drive Inclusivity Post-COVID A silver lining of the pandemic was that many companies were able to shift to a remote work environment, making it easier for jobs to be performed…

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What luxury brands do for their customers, that you can, too… and improve Disability Inclusion at the same time

By John Samuel As a CEO of a B2B business, I’ve been obsessed with how we can improve our service and offerings to our clients, so I wanted to know what luxury brands do for their customers that makes…

Graphic of pen and paper that reads "blogs and articles"

Ablr Strikes Strategic Alliance with Smart Navigation App Lazarillo

Ablr is excited to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Lazarillo, an intelligent application for the blind and visually impaired. The app guides users through their physical envir…

“In launching a revised website, the College wanted to go beyond a software-generated review of digital accessibility compliance. Ablr uses multiple tools, but their expertise in using assistive technology on a daily basis provides a unique view those tools lack. They welcome questions and provide detailed explanations of issues and how to correct them. In consulting with Ablr before adopting new software platforms, the College saved itself time and expense in avoiding software that “looked good on paper” but was ultimately flawed.”

Liz Filipowski, Website Designer/Developer Durham Technical Community College

Become part
of the Ablr community.

Ablr is very active in the disability community. Our Chief Architect, John Samuel, is visually impaired and regularly is asked to speak about accessibility and inclusion in the workspace. We invite you to join the Ablr community. We love to share the latest developments in the accessibility and disability inclusion space and-critically-we like to hear your thoughts. Join us on our channels. We look forward to meeting you there.


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