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Ablr Works Talent
Trained to create a more diverse, equitable & accessible world.

Meet the Ablr Works Candidates; a group of highly motivated professionals ready to become your team’s next greatest asset.

Meet the Candidates
Ablr Works Talent

Amanda Pulley

Amanda Pulley is a Durham, North Carolina native who is passionate about accessibility and assistive technology. She attended the Division of Services for the Blind Career and Training Center where she discovered her interest in accessibility and assistive technology after she was appointed as an AT (Assistive Technology) Instructor Assistant by her AT instructor. She found joy and purpose from teaching blind and visually impaired individuals on how to use assistive technology software such as screen readers and other devices.

Christian Howard

Christian Howard actively works toward and advocates for a world that is understanding and inclusive for all. He currently channels this passion in his work as a digital accessibility analyst. In this role, he employs his proficiency with screen reader technology, analytical thinking, and writing to run accessibility tests on websites and succinctly summarize the results. Given the challenges he’s faced with website accessibility in his personal life, he hopes this work will incrementally remove these barriers for others.

Cynthia Birdine

Cynthia is a driven and compassionate individual based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She recently completed the Ablr Accessibility Analyst Course, giving her the skills and knowledge to create more inclusive and accessible environments for people with disabilities. Cynthia has received the IAAP’s CPACC Certification, furthering her commitment to accessibility. She graduated from Wake Tech Community College with a degree in Business administration and is passionate about using her skills to make a positive impact on the world, and her personal motto, “one step, one hurdle, one triumph”, reflects her determination to overcome any challenge and achieve success.

Darcie Crane

Darcie Crane is an aspiring digital accessibility analyst. She completed the Ablr Accessibility Analyst course, where she gained knowledge and the skills to begin her journey into digital accessibility. As an intern with Ablr, Darcie is putting her skills to use by testing web content, collaborating with a team, and expanding her knowledge on creating inclusive environments in a digital setting. Darcie received her undergraduate degree in English, with a concentration in creative writing, from NC State University. She can use her background in writing to communicate clearly and evaluate web content for ease of comprehension. Her ability to think creatively can also be valuable for problem solving in multiple situations. Darcie has earned her DHS Trusted Tester Certification and CPACC Certification.

Leah Grosjean

Leah graduated in 2014 from Jacksonville State University with a degree in Disaster and Emergency Management. The degree was earned while volunteering with the American Red Cross and working full time at North Carolina State University. While volunteering with the American Red Cross, she was asked to work in the roles of Regional and Divisional Disability Integration Advisor. She learned how to advocate for all individuals, learned new ways to assess buildings and programs for barriers and produce solutions to remove the barriers. After the Red Cross, she Moved to Raleigh with her son, where she lives now taking part in the Ablr Works program learning to evaluate and analyze websites for accessibility barriers. She enjoys the challenges of educating, creating, and evaluating the built and digital world. She works part-time with Triangle Rock Club as a front desk attendant making sure shoes and gear are cleaned and stored properly and answering the questions of customers. She also is working with the leadership to increase awareness of the accessibility barriers of the digital and physical environment of Triangle Rock Club.

Marqui Johnson

Marqui Johnson is an aspiring Digital Accessibility Analyst who has a passion to serve as an advocate for disabled persons when it comes to navigating today’s technological landscape. After obtaining a Master’s Degree from Cornell University, he became employed as an Actuarial Analyst for a life insurance company where he feels honored to provide a service that helps people feel financially secure during an incredibly vulnerable time in their lives.  As someone who is visually impaired and understands the barriers that people face when they encounter inaccessible content, he plans to use his analytical and accessibility testing skills to advocate for a more digitally accessible world. Marqui has also earned the IAAP’s CPACC certification in accessibility.

Mecail Martin

Mecail Martin graduated with a degree in Mass Communication from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. She is also an Ablr Accessibility Analyst Course graduate. Mecail has experience in written and verbal communication, voice acting, and both assistive technology and accessibility. As a purposeful analyst, she is always seeking opportunity roles due to her past experiences spent in student services as a Steven Johnson Syndrome survivor. Along with developing her web accessibility knowledge and skills at Deque University, she is studying to become a DHS Trusted Tester.

Melissa Tucker

Melissa is a graduate of the Governor Morehead School for the blind. After graduating, Melissa honed her typing skills through the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and took a course in customer service. After completing the course, she worked in hospitality services for a global hotel chain. She then transitioned from the hospitality industry into the appliance industry. She then decided to take the Ablr Accessibility Analyst Course to become a digital accessibility analyst. Melissa has obtained her CPACC certification upon completion of this course, and will be continuing her studies in digital accessibility.

Miguel Villagomez

Miguel Villagomez has been visually impaired since birth. He earned his Associate’s Degree at Tri-County Community College in 2020, and in 2022 was one of eight students in the Ablr Accessibility Analyst Course (A3C), where he was trained in disability awareness and accessibility testing practices. After completing this course, Miguel received the IAAP’s CPACC certification. Miguel is currently working part-time as an accessibility tester and lives with his family of three in Topton, North Carolina.

Parrice Urbina

After having her life altered by visual impairment, Parrice Urbina made the decision to use her new reality to her advantage. By enrolling in the Ablr Works Ablr Accessibility Analyst Course, Parrice plans to use what she learns to spearhead her future into a career that will allow her to make the world more accessible. She hopes to use this knowledge, along with her certifications in the Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC), DHS Trusted Tester courses and her day-to-day experiences with Accessible Technology (AT), to make herself a critical asset to an organization who advocates and works hard to make the world accessible and inclusive for all. 

Roger Wideman

Roger Wideman is a former U.S. Marine who served faithfully and honorably in protecting this country. Roger received his AA degree in Electronics Technologies and a Bachelor of Science all while completing blind rehabilitation school in Birmingham Alabama. Roger has been in the workforce for the better portion of 10 years since the onset of his total blindness. Currently, he is establishing a new career path through the Ablr Accessibility Analyst Course and becoming a certified digital accessibility analyst. 

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