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Accessibility Services — take your content to the next level.

Ablr provides a full range of accessibility and inclusion services. The Ablr method combines humanity (this means user testing with people who have a disability) with innovative technology for unmatched accuracy and usability. We invite you to explore the Ablr process. We are always here to speak with you further about your company’s specific needs.

Ablr Accessibility Services. Continue reading for full details.

Solutions that Work for You
Accessibility Services Overview.

Assurance Program

Accessibility is a continuous effort, which is why we developed the Ablr Assurance Program. With this program, your organization will have Ablr and our Accessibility Analysts on retainer for a block of hours each month. These hours are yours to customize depending on your needs and accessibility goals. If this sounds like something you are interested in, learn more about the program on the Ablr Assurance page. 

Ablr 360

The Ablr 360 program provides a holistic approach to ensuring full accessibility and usability of your content. This is a 5-step program to test, remediate, validate and monitor your content, while providing consulting hours with accessibility experts to set your team up for success. 

Physical Accessibility & Universal Design

Our full-circle approach to Accessibility wouldn’t be complete without Physical Accessibility. With this program, Ablr will come to your facility or location and help you identify potential accessibility barriers. Our assessment takes into account the principles of Universal Design to create solutions that make your space accommodating and welcoming for everyone. 

96% of digital content is not accessible or usable.

According to the Million Page study by WebAIM, 96% of digital content is not accessible to or usable by people with disabilities. Let’s change that statistic together.

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