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Ensure your digital content is accessible for all.

The Ablr 360 Digital Accessibility Testing program provides a holistic approach to ensuring full accessibility and usability of your content. This is a 5-step program to test, remediate, validate and monitor your content, while providing consulting hours with accessibility experts to set your team up for success.

Digital Accessibility Testing
A combination of automated and manual/human testing.

Purpose & Contents of the Audit

Conduct digital accessibility testing of the website, app, document, or any digital content led by our team of Certified Accessibility Analysts. Then, we can assess the level of compliance against WCAG, 2.1 Level AA and provide a snapshot of the compliance status of your website and provide recommendations to correct issues using examples, screenshots, and links to reputable resources.

Included Services

The creation of a brief video that documents the User Experience within identified barriers. By using assistive technology, such as a screen reader, the video allows the audience to understand how users may struggle while interacting with their digital content, e.g., websites, apps, and documents.

A comprehensive slide deck that overviews Ablr’s findings from the Audit and outlines next steps.

Remediation of violations found.

There are several options available to you during this step:

1. Fix these issues by using the methods we supply in the audit report, which apply to WCAG 2.1 standards at Level AA.

2. Use Ablr’s training option to address issues.

3. Utilize Ablr’s internal development team for a complete solution.

Validation of Remediation.

After Audit issues have been addressed, Ablr will ensure these issues are truly fixed to WCAG 2.1 standards. This is called validation. After Ablr completes the validation of remediated content, you will be sent a follow-up report that identifies what has been fixed, what has been partially fixed (and why), and what is not fixed.

Book a block of hours.

Book a block of hours with one of Ablr’s Certified Accessibility Analysts so that they can assist your team when remediating Accessibility Violations documented in the Accessibility Audit.

Ablr Assurance + Accessibility Monitoring.

With Ablr Assurance Program, your organization will have Ablr and our Accessibility Analysts on retainer for a block of hours each month. These hours are yours to customize depending on your needs and accessibility goals. If this sounds like something you are interested in, learn more about the program on the Ablr Assurance page.


Monitoring helps ensure that your website remains accessible as you update and grow. As content is updated and webpages are added, there is a high chance that unexpected accessibility issues will arise. It is important to plan for regular website checks and evaluations.

Ablr can provide continuous reports of online content, including large websites (up to 25,000 pages), with the findings of dynamic scans for accessibility issues.

Through the utilization of an automated web crawling solution, provided by our partners at Pope Tech, Ablr will ensure compliance and track accessibility conformance over time.

During Monitoring, Ablr will:

  • Generate a report of the accessibility issues based on WCAG 2.1, Level AA standards
  • Show the analytics reflecting website issues to clarify severity and frequency for easier prioritization for fixes
  • Provide insight into accessibility issue history to target which digital content might need help with improving accessible practices
  • Spot check using manual testing methods

Innovative technology and humanity
Ablr Methodology and Process.

The Ablr Process combines innovative technology and humanity to break down accessibility and cultural barriers. 

About Methodology

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