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All Access with John Samuel & Birkir Gunnarsson

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In Episode 2 of All Access with John Samuel, hear from Birkir Gunnarsson, the Digital Accessibility Lead for BB&T, now Truist. Birkir also is a three-time cancer survivor, two-time medalist at the Paralympics and founder of Blind Accessibility Testers, Learn how Birkir overcame multiple challenges to pursue his work in tech accessibility.

“It’s important that we have actual people who are blind and with disabilities doing that testing because they know best. I mean the standard is a good start but complying, conforming to a standard does not guarantee good experience.” ~
Birkir Gunnarsson, Digital Accessibility Lead, BB&T, now Truist

Click on the CC icon on the video player for closed captions. Also, you can read a transcript of the interview.

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