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All Access with John Samuel: Episode 3 with Lori Samuels

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One of the trends that I was able to become aware of at Microsoft, in particular, is artificial intelligence and its role in potentially providing some of the solutions and innovations that can happen in the accessibility space and the disability space more generally. Applications, mobile apps like seeing AI, which uses the camera on the mobile device to recognize objects in the real world. To make for someone who’s visually impaired to be able to have a richer experience and be able to utilize that technology that’s just one example there are certainly lots of others. I know that Microsoft is investing in AI for good, AI for accessibility.

~ Lori Samuels, Accessibility Director at NBCUnivsersal

In Episode 3 of All Access with John Samuel, hear from Lori Samuel, Accessibility Director for NBCUniversal. Learn about the newest trends in accessibility as well as Lori’s impactful work with enterprise tech companies like Intuit and Microsoft.

Click here to read the transcript of this interview between John Samuel and Lori Samuels.

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