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Ablr Accessibility Analyst Course: A3C

One of Ablr’s primary goals is to help people with disabilities acquire the skills they need to join – or advance in – the workforce. To this end, we created A3C, or the Ablr Accessibility Analyst Course. Lesson by lesson, our course teaches you the concepts, strategies, and techniques of digital accessibility testing, and provides you with the foundation for a career in the field.

Become A Digital
Accessibility Analyst


  • Is meant for people who want to become Digital Accessibility Analysts, as well as professionals who want to improve their knowledge of digital accessibility
  • Is designed according to the principles of Universal Design to be accessible to all
  • Includes an extensive intake assessment to provide candidates with the necessary upskilling before enrolling in the course
  • Consists of a series of live sessions, as well as recorded lessons for students to study independently
  • Spans 16 weeks and requires several hours of work per week
  • Qualifies for IAAP continuing education credit

Participants come away with a solid foundation in Digital Accessibility that prepares them for a career in the field, or allows them to take charge of the accessibility effort within their organization.

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Faces of Diversity & Disability

Job Placement & Upskilling

Ablr partners with Chronically Capable to help connect job seekers with organizations that are looking to fill open positions. In addition, Ablr works with several organizations, including Disclose, to help develop job candidates’ skills to fulfill the needs of their prospective roles.