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Assurance Program
Accessibility consulting at your fingertips.

Accessibility is a continuous effort, which is why we developed the Ablr Assurance Program. With this program, your organization will have Ablr as an Accessibility Partner with access to our Accessibility Analysts on retainer for a block of hours each month. These hours are yours to customize depending on your needs and accessibility goals. 

Your Accessibility Partner
The Ablr Assurance Program

Core Benefits:

The Ablr Assurance Program was developed to support organizations with intentional and purposeful support across a variety of DEI+A services, programs and solutions while infusing education, community awareness, and industry leading training.  

The Ablr Assurance Program provides ongoing leadership, strategy, and consulting backed by actionable and measurable accessibility and inclusion programs to: 

  • Increase / improve user experiences and outcomes.  
  • Transform perceptions through proximity development and education. 
  • Improve organizational morale and improve brand equity and reputation. 
  • Provide universal experiences designed for all people. 

The Assurance Program is anything but rigid. Ablr is a flexible, transparent, mission-driven organization built on the premise of “People First.” 

Core Accessibility Services
Accessibility solutions catered to your organizational needs.

With Ablr as your Accessibility Partner, we will align with your team to determine scope of work for each month. Ablr will advise and provide direction based on your organizational goals, resources, timeline, etc. Our range of services include: 

  • Accessibility Testing and Remediation Support 
  • General Accessibility Consulting 
  • Accessibility and Inclusion Training 
  • Accessibility Documentation and Policy Creation 

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