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Physical accessibility
Ensure that your physical space is accessible for all.

Our full-circle approach to Accessibility wouldn’t be complete without Physical Accessibility. With this program, Ablr will come to your facility or location and help you identify potential accessibility barriers. Our assessment takes into account the principles of Universal Design to create solutions that make your space accommodating and welcoming for everyone. 

Physical accessibility assessments
How does it work?

Ablr will come to your facility or location and help you identify any potential accessibility barriers that your employees, customers or guests may encounter. Our thorough assessment documents these barriers and provides a detailed roadmap of solutions that will enhance the experience for all audiences.

Our Physical Accessibility Assessments:

  • Are conducted by our certified ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) coordinator to guarantee compliance with ADA standards
  • Comprise visitor journeys mapped out to target the highest traffic areas in your space
  • Include user journeys conducted by actual people with disabilities to adequately capture the visitor experience
  • A report of which features of your facility/facilities met, and do not meet, Universal Design principles

Reporting and Next Steps
We provide footage, description and instructions.

We record our visit(s) to your facility, and will provide you with the footage at the conclusion of the project. You will also receive a detailed description of our findings regarding the features of your facilities that do, and do not, comply with the principles of Universal Design. We provide you with instructions on how to remove or work around accessibility barriers. In addition, you will receive a Best Practices document as a reference for future accessibility issues. And of course, we are always available and willing to work with you in person!

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