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The Ally Program
Strategic partnerships.

Partnerships are an essential part of Ablr’s strategy, and key to removing the barriers that have kept people with disabilities out of work, education, and other aspects of life. That’s why we started the Ally Program, where Ablr can serve as your accessibility partner.

Your Accessibility Partner
Grow your business.

All types of organizations trust Ablr to help grow their business and to provide their customers with digital accessibility and disability inclusion services.

What they say about A11y
Participant Testimonial

“We’re so excited to begin this partnership with Ablr. We are always looking for ways to make the internet a more inclusive space. Having this opportunity to partner with Ablr allows us to continue our mission with a like-minded group of professionals.”

Alisa Herr, CEO of Unity Web Agency

Why The A11y Program?
Partnership Benefits

How does this partnership benefit you?

  • Your clients will have fully accessible, compliant, and protected digital content
  • You will be empowered to offer end-to-end digital accessibility services directly to your clients on behalf of Ablr, mitigating their business, legal, and reputation risk
  • Offers you a diverse partnership with a company that is focused on empowering people with disabilities → Builds brand value, integrity, and credibility
  • We will actively promote the partnership and your business (PR, social media, blog, conferences, webinars, podcasts, etc)
  • Referral incentives, Discounted service rates

How does this partnership benefit Ablr?

  • Access to clients
  • Direct relationship with front-liners and industry leaders

Want to become an A11y?
Get in touch to learn more.

Ablr Ally

Organizations & Businesses that Partner with Us
Agency partners.

Interested in becoming an A11y?

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UnityWeb Agency
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Design Hammer
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Pope Tech

Organizations & Businesses that Partner with Us
Industry partners.

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321 Coffee
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Chronically Capable
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NC Tech
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Which A11y do you want to be?
Partnership Types

Depending on your specific needs, we can offer just the right partnership. Here’s a brief overview of our different Ablr Ally programs:

Referral Ally

Whether you are a Nonprofit Agency supporting people with disabilities, or a website designer who wants to recommend Ablr to your supporters and clients, join our Referral Partner program and receive a referral fee for each new customer you refer to us.

Agency Ally

If you are an organization that designs or manages websites for multiple clients and want to deliver websites that look good and are accessible and compliant, become an Ablr Agency Partner and benefit from multi-site discounts.

Gain a Competitive Edge
Improve Your Offerings.

Improve your offerings and gain a competitive edge in the market by offering a truly accessible and inclusive experience for your clients and supporters.