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Accessibility Services
The Ablr Assurance Program

The Ablr Assurance Program is a flexible solution in which Ablr services are offered on a retainer basis. We will work with you and your team to determine timing, goals and priorities and build this program out to best fit your needs. Each month, you will have a set block of hours with the Ablr team to undergo accessibility testing or training, receive usability workflows and much more.

Summary of What We Offer.

General Assurance Services.

  • Website Audit and Assessment 
  • Mobile App Audit and Assessment 
  • Internal (HR, recruiting, benefits, etc.)  Systems Assessment 
  • Remediation Consulting 
  • Accessibility Validation
  • Employee Journey Mapping  
  • Physical Location ADA audit 
  • Accessibility Maturity Model and Policy creation 
  • Producing or evaluating an Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR)
  • Usability testing of key processes identified in scope (can include application process, onboarding, accommodation requests, etc.) 
  • Recorded and/or live video demonstrations of accessibility/usability issues 
  • PDF Remediation services 
  • Video asset transcription and/or audio description services 
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Nicole Sith – CEO and Founder of Somthing Industries

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Physical and Overall Organization Accessibility

Let’s make this a reality together.

  • Perform Employee Recruitment, Application, Onboarding, Retention Journey Mapping experience accessibility and usability testing and provide prioritized reports based on findings. 
  • Conduct interviews with Mathematica Staff: (1) Identify core internal/external processes, (2) Create questionnaire to gather relevant insights from staff. 
  • Conduct On-site data collection: (1) Identify key touchpoints and journeys, (2) Shared and office space best practice, and (3) Identify prioritized areas to address issues.
  • Analysis: (1) Point of View – provide user experience feedback from people with disabilities, (2) Accessibility – ADA compliance, (3) Disability Inclusion – ensures inclusive experience.
  • Provide Report on data collection and analysis results: (1) Detailed Excel Spreadsheet listing key touchpoints, journeys, and processes, (2) Results of Mathematica interviews, (3) Remediation suggestions, (4) Best Practice guidelines and Training (5) Accessibility Maturity Model and Policy. 

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