Forbes Feature: How Ablr Is Working To Make All Companies, Of All Sizes, More Inclusive Of Accessibility And Workers With Disabilities

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“My goal is to remove all the barriers to make sure all qualified people, no matter their ability, can be successful at any job, in any company,” said John Samuel, Ablr’s CEO, in an interview. “I am passionate about getting people with disabilities paid, to have high-paying jobs, to have community.”

Forbes Article - How Ablr is Working to Make All Companies Of All Sizes More Inclusive of Accessibility and Workers with Disabilities

We’re grateful to Steven Aquino for the excellent feature for Forbes on Ablr and our mission.

Read the article and tell us what your company does to expand your recruiting efforts to include a more diverse talent pool. Our team at Ablr helps organizations create a strategy for broader recruitment strategies and how to make accommodations at your workplace so everyone has the chance to contribute.