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LCI Tech Celebrates National Guide Dog Month

Southeastern Guide Dogs Class 281 standing together.


September is a month to celebrate guide dogs, seeing-eye dogs, service pets, and other assistance animals. We know firsthand how critical these animals are, and how important it is to recognize the service dogs who dedicate their lives to help people. LCI is honored to have several Guide Dogs as part of our organization, including guide A.J who recently graduated from Southeastern Guide Dog Class #281!


In honor of National Guide Dog Month, we wanted to share a testimonial from Southeastern Guide Dogs. The LCI Tech team worked closely with this organization to provide thorough accessibility testing for their website. We thank Southeastern Guide Dogs for giving our team the opportunity to assist them as they make strides to make their website accessible for all!



At Southeastern Guide Dogs, we provide guide dogs for people with vision loss, service dogs for veterans with disabilities, and skilled companion dogs for children with significant challenges such as vision loss or the loss of a parent in the military. We provide all of our dogs and services at no cost to recipients.


Many of our clients visit our website to research our school before choosing to apply, and out of respect and necessity, it is imperative that our website and all of our digital content is easily accessible to people with vision loss and other disabilities. When LCI Tech donated a website analysis for digital accessibility, we were thrilled. The gift was in honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), a day focusing on digital access and inclusion for the more than one billion people with disabilities and impairments.


The LCI Team was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive, and the team brought a unique perspective with members who were visually impaired, and who navigated our site with assistive technology, including screen reader and screen magnification software. The deliverables they suggested were very detailed and easy to work from, making it simple to make the necessary updates to our website.


The LCI Tech recommendations were instrumental in guiding us to create a website that is easily accessible by people with disabilities. We are thankful to all of the LCI team for their excellence and generosity.



Interested in learning more about how LCI Tech can help your organization become more accessible and inclusive for all? Visit our website and drop us a line – we are looking forward to working with you!