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Home » News » NEWS RELEASE: Ablr and Unity Web Agency Announce New Strategic Partnership

NEWS RELEASE: Ablr and Unity Web Agency Announce New Strategic Partnership

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January 13, 2021

Ablr and Unity Web Agency Announce New Strategic Partnership

Alliance to focus on increasing web accessibility, inclusion  

Durham, NC – Ablr and Unity Web Agency are proud to announce a new strategic partnership that will enhance shared goals of increasing web accessibility and inclusion on the internet. 

“Unity represents everything that Ablr looks for in an ally. One that is authentic, mission-driven and has the desire to make the world a better place for everyone,” said Michael Iannelli co-founder and chief strategy officer of Ablr. “Through this partnership, we hope to maximize skills set, technology and culture to raise awareness about our combined missions.”  

Iannelli also said he hopes the partnership will help educate organizations on the critical importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, sharing information on how to remediate and validate violations and ways to change inaccessible content to ensure accessibility for all users is achieved.

“We’re so excited to begin this partnership with Ablr,” said Alisa Herr, CEO of Unity Web Agency. “We are always looking for ways to make the internet a more inclusive space. Having this opportunity to partner with Ablr allows us to continue our mission with a like-minded group of professionals.” 

Founded in 2016 by Herr, Unity Web Agency has made it a mission to create attractive, functional, and fully-accessible websites that anyone can use. At the beginning of this year 2021, Herr has made a new goal for Unity to be known for more than just accessible websites.

“We carry all this knowledge on how to create web accessible sites, but we haven’t done much in terms of sharing that knowledge,” said Herr. “Along with creating these sites, we want to provide people with the basic tools to do it on their own. We admire the work Ablr has done to push web accessibility forward and make it a more normal part of our online culture.” 

This marks the first announced partnership for the Ablr Allies program, and it’s a distinction that Herr doesn’t take lightly.

“For us to be the first announced partnership is a big deal, and I’m so excited to see how this translates to a more accessible and inclusive internet,” she said. 

Iannelli is excited about the further upcoming partnerships and alliances with Ablr in 2021. 

“Alisa is a leader in the disability inclusion and digital accessibility mindset for years, and has supported and led many great organizations in their journey for an equitable, accessible and usable brand experience,” Iannelli said. 

About Ablr

Ablr is a Digital Accessibility and Inclusion company that combines humanity + technology to bring 100% compliance to your digital content. Ablr’s innovative solutions and services empower the lives of people living with a disability. Ablr’s team of analysts ensures content and digital assets adhere to the federal requirements of ADA, Section 508 and WCAG. In addition to confirming compliance, Ablr’s testers, who are visually impaired, can ensure digital content is actually usable for people with disabilities – something technology alone hasn’t mastered.

About Unity Web Agency

Unity Web Agency creates sustainable and accessible websites for nonprofits and socially-responsible businesses. As a woman-owned, Certified B Corporation, Unity intentionally creates positive economic, environmental, and social impacts for their community. They hire local talent, volunteer company time for mentorship and environmental service, and donate at least 5% of yearly profits to one or more North Carolina-based 501(c)3 nonprofits.


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