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Accessible Education

The Situation

Durham Technical Community College, located in Durham, North Carolina, is committed to establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between its students, staff, alumni and the Durham community. The college strives to meet the needs of all groups including current high school students, international students, veterans, senior citizens and individuals getting ready to enter college or are re-entering college to advance their skills. This includes partnerships with local businesses and employers and challenging Work-Based Learning opportunities. They wanted to make sure their website and mobile app were not only accessible, but also easy to use.  Motivated by their desire to increase enrollment and to foster diversity and inclusivity, they engaged LCI Tech team to audit their website and mobile app.

Our Approach

The LCI team provided usability and accessibility testing by employing a series of manual and automated techniques to pinpoint the accessibility and usability gaps. Through manual testing, and the utilization of screen magnifiers and JAWS screen reader technology the team determined that overall the website was in good shape, but there were the following concerns:

  • Color contrast – High contrast is helpful to low-vision users to read text and see images
  • Text styling issues on the scheduling calendar
  • Disorganized heading structure – make it difficult to understand the overall outline of the page.
  • Ambiguous form labels – make it difficult for screen reader users to figure out what to input into the form.

The Result

LCI Tech worked closely with Durham Tech web development providing on-demand feedback, consultation, two reports and retesting as the fixes were being implemented. Client has gained insight into what makes a website and mobile app accessible and easy to use and can use this knowledge to ensure compliance.