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Accessible Economic Development

The Situation

Founded in 1996, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) serves as the administrator of the Downtown Raleigh Municipal Services District (MSD), which is a defined special assessment district in which property owners contribute toward enhanced services. The management and maintenance of the public realm, via the Ambassador program and Team Downtown Raleigh, account for some of the major investments made possible through the MSD. Other program investments include storefront recruitment, business retention, and community engagement programs. The DRA also leverages MSD funds in a variety of ways through marketing, communications, and promotional campaigns to attract more customers to support the development of the district.

Our Approach

The LCI team provided accessibility testing for new website during development phase and post launch. Through manual testing, and the utilization of screen magnifiers and JAWS screen reader technology the team determined that overall the website was in good shape, but there were the following concerns:

  • Color contrast – High contrast is helpful to low-vision users to read text and see images
  • Navigation Menu disappearing upon zoom with no way for keyboard users to make it reappear
  • Lack of semantic markup to structure content for screen reader users
  • Unlabeled links and buttons

The Result

LCI Tech worked with DRA web development both while the website was in development and post launch.  While in development, we did not provide the client with a full report, but we provided testing and results on a regular basis.  Post launch, we worked with the developer to identify remaining issues still on the site, such as labeling social media links.