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Accessible Entertainment

The Situation

Raleigh Little Theater, a regional entertainment company, recently recognized that their legacy website had not been developed in accordance with accessibility guidelines. The company’s leadership team wanted to proactively verify if there were gaps in their ability to reach the widest possible audience. Due to the financial risk of non-compliance and their commitment to diversity and inclusivity, they engaged the LCI Tech team to audit their website.

Our Approach

After a high-level overview of the site and the identification of the 20 unique URLs with the highest traffic, a team of LCI and partner auditors employed a series of manual and automated techniques to pinpoint the accessibility gaps. Through manual testing, and the utilization of screen magnifiers and JAWS screen reader technology the team determined that many pages had numerous issues with color contrast, alt-text, labeling, navigation and tagging.

The Result

The audit highlighted non-compliance based on WCAG 2.0 standards at Level A or Level AA with 14 out of 41 standards in a detailed 40+ page report. Client has gained foundational knowledge in Digital Accessibility and has directed their contract web developers to provide site remediation based on the audit in order to become compliant.