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The Inspiration to Weaponize Empathy

Recently, I had the honor of taping the commencement speech for the George Washington School of Business, my alma mater. It’s an amazing honor and I never thought I would be doing this, especially not barefoot in my parent’s house (Check out the picture, if you don’t believe me!)

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What Can I Do? Empowering Allies in Tumultuous Times

Guest Post by Jackie Fergurson from The Diversity Movement.
There is unrest in America right now. Many are grappling with how to process these events and with how to protect our children among systems of racial inequity that continue to mistreat us.


A11y and Allies

Recently, my family and I got a vanity plate for our car. We drive a very nondescript (also known as boring) car, and once we found out that personalizing it is really not very expensive, we went for it. Because Accessibility is a bit of a family business for us, we got the North Carolina license plate that reads A11Y.

Blogs & Articles

Accessible and Inclusive Experiences After Dark

In my early twenties, partaking in the previously restricted nightlife scene was a high priority for me and my friends. A whole new world had opened up and it was exciting to explore. However, this also coincided with my vision loss.

ADA 30

After 30, What’s Next for the ADA?

On July 26, we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a landmark bill that President George H. W. Bush passed to open up all aspects of American life to individuals with disabilities – this included employment.