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VPAT’s need to be earned.

What is a VPAT and why you need one.

The Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Movement is gaining momentum, and it’s about time. Over 90% of digital content, including websites, mobile applications, and documentation are not accessible for people with disabilities. Earning your VPAT demonstrates your commitment to Digital Accessibility. It shows users that you are moving beyond a performative action and have actually done the work to create an accessibility website.

What is a VPAT.

A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT, is used to create an Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) to document the accessibility status of an organization’s digital content based on Section 508 guidelines. The ACR certifies your level of conformance to WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 standards, outlining the extensive accessibility work that your team did in conjunction with Ablr.

Why do the work.

It is simply the right thing to do, as users with disabilities have been excluded for far too long. Earning your VPAT and ACR is the final stage in ensuring your content is not only compliant and accessible, but usable for everyone, regardless of ability. Aside from doing the right thing, many organizations are now requiring that their vendor and partners have a VPAT. Once your organization is accessible and inclusive, hundreds of doors to new opportunities, collaborations and partnerships will be opened.

Hire the professionals.

DEI initiatives are never a one-step process, and neither is Accessibility and Disability Inclusion. They also require knowledgeable and trained staff with lived experiences to fully and properly execute. The Ablr team is comprised of certified accessibility analysts who also have visual impairments themselves. THis means they not only know how to create an accessible website, but they have first-hand experience in using Assistive Technology. Ablr will work with your team to develop a roadmap that will take your organization through the complete accessibility journey, contact an accessibility advocate to get started with your journey.

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What We Do

What exactly do we do here at Ablr? Great question! Watch the video below to find out more about what we do and how we can help you. You can learn more about what we do on our Solutions Page.

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About Ablr

Ablr is a mission-driven Disability Inclusion and Digital Accessibility organization committed to supporting the DEI community with the core purpose of ensuring all people, regardless of ability, have access to the same content, experiences and opportunities. Born from the DNA of America’s largest employer of the blind, we work to eliminate the digital divide, change mindsets, and create pathways for employment. Learn more about who we are and what we do on our Difference page.