Enjoy Accessibility

Enjoy Accessibility

As stay-at-home orders continue, boredom is increasingly becoming a problem. The closets are organized, the light bulbs are changed, and still there is no end in sight.

Washing dishes

A Certified Accomplishment

For several years, washing dishes was one of my favorite things! Even when I was working in Cameroon, where I had someone to help clean my house, I made it a point to wash my dishes every day.

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The Inspiration to Weaponize Empathy

Recently, I had the honor of taping the commencement speech for the George Washington School of Business, my alma mater. It’s an amazing honor and I never thought I would be doing this, especially not barefoot in my parent’s house (Check out the picture, if you don’t believe me!)

Blogs & Articles

What Can I Do? Empowering Allies in Tumultuous Times

Guest Post by Jackie Fergurson from The Diversity Movement.
There is unrest in America right now. Many are grappling with how to process these events and with how to protect our children among systems of racial inequity that continue to mistreat us.


A11y and Allies

Recently, my family and I got a vanity plate for our car. We drive a very nondescript (also known as boring) car, and once we found out that personalizing it is really not very expensive, we went for it. Because Accessibility is a bit of a family business for us, we got the North Carolina license plate that reads A11Y.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

All Access with John Samuel Interview Series Launches

To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day on Thursday, May 21, 2020, Ablr announces the launch of All Access with John Samuel, an interview series featuring thought leaders and subject matter experts in the field of digital accessibility and beyond.